Loyalty Rewards

The Loyalty Reward Program is a participation based program through
which we hope to increase awareness of WWSGA events and thank those
who have continued to support the program throughout the years.

Eligibility will be limited to those women golfers who have not placed in any
WWSGA tournament during the current golf season. Junior golfers are not
eligible for this program. Golfers will receive one entry for each tournament
they have entered. At the end of the season all of the entries will be
combined and the winners will be drawn. Winners will be awarded gift
certificates to Wisconsin retail stores and listed on the WWSGA website.

2017 Loyalty Reward Winners


April Calvert

Debra George

Speedy Kent

Kaitie Leonard

Jaclyn Lucas

Jacqueline Mand

Marianne Wild

Chelsey Witkowiak


2016 Loyalty Reward Winners


Kitty Baumgartn

Donna Lanagan

Judy LaValley

Leslie Leonard

Lisa Moore

Ellen Pfenninger

Katie Pokrandt

Dawn Thiel


2015 Loyalty Reward Winners


Nancy Johnson

Molly Field

Jackie Hayes

Nicole Westcott


2014 Loyalty Reward Winners


Courtney Cisler

GiGi Coleman

Jill Doucette

Mickey Guyette

Deb Halla

Barb Helgesen

Geri Petersen

Donna Willman


2013 Loyalty Reward Winners

Phyliss Almburg

Marissa Geyer

Debra George

Ramona Hackbarth

Lucy Keane

Karen Noonan

Lynn Raml

Murphy Von Benschoten