Congratulations to the 2018 Loyalty Winners                                                                                                                                      Cathi Baus                                                                 Mary McDonough                                                              Kristi Klemens                                                                  Lauren Haen                                                                Jessica Rudnicki                                                            Barbara Helgesen                                                                    

                 Results Senior Bestball                  Reedsburg Country Club

Championship Flight


1st Place Championship Gross:   Carrie Sperling/Susan Crowson

2nd Place Championship Gross:   Amy Gehrke/Sandy Nass

1st Place Championship Net:   Peg Carlson/Carla Draper
2nd Place Championship Net:  Leslie Wolfgram/Karen Steffes



First Flight


1st Place First Flight Gross:  Lori Clark/Cookie Brehm
2nd Place First Flight Gross:  Jeannie Wagner/Dinah Polzin

1st Place First Flight Net:  Lynn Raml/Jayne Swick
2nd Place First Flight Net:  Sandra Latham/Terri Redmon


Second Flight


1st Place Second Flight Gross:  Mary Schingen/Wanda Halfmann

2nd Place Second Flight Gross:  Beverly Anderson/Barb Schultz


1st Place Second Flight Net:  Mari Klinke/Susan Smith

2nd Place Second Flight Net:  Karen Strichko/Judy Holtzen



THANK YOU to all who participated in the 2018 tournaments.

Check back for your 2019 tournament and registration information.